What do you guys think about SMART training for IQ improvement?

Hi guys,

recently I stumbled across a .com-website called raiseyouriq.
I am in no way associated with this website and this is not an advertisement, but an honest question: what is your opinion about it?

The website claims that it is the only IQ training that is proven (with studies) to really increase IQ.

Thank you.

In recent years, small-scale studies have suggested that we may be able to substantially strengthen general cognitive abilities and intelligence quotient (IQ) scores using a relational operant skills training program (SMART).

This is one thing I haven’t tried. I had a brief look at the research and there indeed are studies that confirm increases relative to control groups. It is interesting as an approach because it appears more direct than other approaches. There are some fundamental points that are somewhat sensible.

As for the actual website that is another thing.

Questions like these, pop up. I suppose even in an argument there is a benefit to being able to evaluate such basic logical conditions. You can’t really go wrong with learning this. It’s quite easy to construct so I am unlikely to sign up to any of this.

Presumably, if you do this visually or verbally, you would train yourself to do this given some novel objects. In a testing scenario it is assumable that if you could not run large scale arguments beforehand in sufficient time, you could have learned the combinations at much higher complexity to do this relatively instantly.

It is interesting and still somewhat beneficial on it’s own.


Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate it.

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