What did josh mean by "64-guy man of war" in his book?

hay @Josh what did you mean by saying “64-guy man of war” in your book page 202
i wanna get deeper in this system, how can we find more? it seems ed cooke is not online here bit i wanna know and learn this advance pao system a.s.p.
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You might be thinking of Joshua Foer. I’m a different Josh. :slight_smile:

The 64-gun man of war was referring to Ed Cooke’s 3-digit PAO System.

I don’t think anyone uses a fully 3-digit PAO system (000-000-000 to 999-999-999) in competitions, because it’s difficult to find 100 distinct actions. There are some people that use 3-2-3 PAO though (000-00-000 to 999-99-999).

There are other common 3-digit systems like the 3-digit Major System or 3-digit Ben System. At least one person (Simon Reinhard) uses a 10,000-image number system.

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Good grief. How many of you are there?

And how are we going to be able to remember which Josh is which?