What color are your eyes? [POLL]

  • Brown Eyes
  • Hazel Eyes
  • Blue Eyes
  • Green Eyes
  • Gray Eyes
  • Amber Eyes
  • Heterochromia

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Whoa, gray eyes! That sounds cool…

Medication-induced heterochromia :slight_smile:

My eye color has been changing a lot too haha

When I popped out of my mom, my eyes were baby blue. They slowly turned green over the next few years.
Until I got prescribed some medication which seemingly had the side-effect of ruining my eye color (and practically all other pigments in my body), so they went back to blue. This time more of a blue-grayish. Not sure what it was, I was 3-4 when I got the meds.

Stopped taking meds eventually, and now a few decades later, my eyes are a blue-green mix. Often also changing their percieved color when light or angle changes.


Gang of blue eyes where are you ! :joy: :ok_hand:

I have brown eyes but I would like to have blue eyes, they are so beautiful !

Brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive I think. So you might have the gene for blue eyes and have brown eyes.