What are your 2020 New Year's Goals and Resolutions?

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? What are your goals for 2020?

You can post them in a comment below. They don’t have to be memory related. :slight_smile:


By the way, here’s a new article in Forbes about New Year’s resolutions that mentions memory techniques and a USA memory champion.

8. Commit to memory

“Even in ‘the Google age’ when we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, business leaders should not underestimate the power of a good, old-fashioned, brain-powered memory,” says Chester Santos, a memory skills expert, speaker and author.

He says: “Being able to quickly recall important facts and figures in meetings, talk confidently through presentations without notes, remember foreign language vocabulary and network like a social butterfly, all show how a powerful memory could be the secret weapon that makes you a much more effective leader.

Santos explains that while many of us think a good memory is something you either do or don’t have, the reality is that it is a case of “use it or lose it”. He recommends putting aside some time each day “for practicing things like visualization techniques to train your brain”.


My goal for 2020 is to acquire/develop photographic memory.

  1. Finish my first memory world and all its countries divisions of knowledge, Matteo Ricci’s style.
  2. Improve my imagination to dreaming level
  3. Try to conquer the world.

I’ll call it a goal since I don’t believe in resolutions and I’ve already started this. My goal is to create one new memory journey each day. I created a daily schedule which sets aside time to memorize something from one of the subjects that interests me. Bible, Computer Science, Electronics, Math. I figure that by the end of 2020 I’ll be able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of these subjects. Great topic.


Going to clean my room. Definitely going to happen this year.


My top priority resolutions for this year:

  1. Further adjust my lifestyle to become as planet-friendly as possible.
    (So far I changed completely to public transportation, turned from vegetarian to mostly vegan, switched my energy provider to 100 percent biogas and green electricity, plus some minor changes like a solid shampoo without a plastic bottle.)

  2. Convince ~1 billion people to do the same :upside_down_face:

Resolutions related to memory:

  1. Play in the Online Memory League Championships again.

  2. Get banned from WMSC events.

  3. Grab one of this cool new IAM titles.


I’ll be honest, I went with the cool resolutions of “eat more healthy” and “become fit”…

But I discovered leftover fatty celebration snacks… So for 2020 I decided to switch the resolution around to “waste less food” and it is going very well so far.

I also bought a new conputron screen so I can start 2020 with 3840x2160. Great new resolution.

Aside from those, my plans for 2020 are the same as those for 2019. I wanted to do them in 2018 since back in 2017 I didnt get to do what I set my sights on during 2016. I know I had those same goals in 2015 but that was only because in 2014 I had still not done what I said I would do back in 2013…


You made me laugh so much right there!!

But then you made me laugh till it hurt !!! with

as for me, I will do everything I can to get more sleep, like I’ve been telling myself every single day for the last 6 years. It’s now or never.


Save some money;
and learn ancient greek


:joy: very funny, I hope you get that 2014 resolution done this year.


I have three goals: 1) keep procrastinating by reading the Memory forums (yay!!, already reaching a goal!); 2) get my Spanish to high-conversational/near fluency level; and 3) to incorporate the memory work into my job as a trial lawyer.


I’m going to really focus on learning French and Chinese and explore which memory methods work best for each, and why they are different.

At school, I failed languages every year (never attempted Chinese) because my memory was so poor. I stuck with maths and physics - lovely low-memory subjects. Using memory techniques has changed all that. With French, I can use lots of the usual techniques but for Chinese I have the characters and then speaking (Mandarin and pinyin) and so many unfamiliar sounds along with the way it uses tones. So I am experimenting with all sorts of approaches and seeing what works for me.

I will keep working on lots of memory experiments, but the two languages are going to be my focus.

Plus I will go to bed at a reasonable time and get more sleep. I really will!


I Lynne. I also have Chinese on my list. I have studied it on and off for many years. I can’t help myself but suggest what has been helping me finally really getting into it. This website called Domino Chinese. I have placed so much of their material in a Memory Palace already and always had such a great time because of their quality and engaging material. this is not spam :heart_eyes_cat:.

and since I’m here, French is my mother tongue, and if I were to learn it from English and with memory palaces, I’d start by using the hundreds of words that have the same meaning and same spelling in French and English, put them in my memory Palace, add the necessary words to form sentences I would actually use, and visit away. Then go with the many words that are almost the same, work in the similar syntax, practice a lot of frenglish :tiger:

The possibilities are endless I feel, just starting with what is common to both languages.

P.S my most valued gift this year is your book Memory Craft and I’m reading it as slowly as possible because I don’t want it to end. Thanks a million.


Hi cameri,

Thank you for so much for your comment on Memory Craft.

I am really interested in how you are using a memory palace for Chinese in comparison to how you would envisage using it to learn French. I looked at Domino Chinese but couldn’t work out what the course was nor the costs from their website. I have registered with Yoyo Chinese and love it. But they start with pinyin and Domino Chinese FAQ says that they don’t use pinyin. I love the characters, but I gather all schools in China start with pinyin. I don’t know enough to have an opinion.

I’d love to compare all this stuff, but I don’t think a thread on New Year’s Goals is the place to chatter on about a different topic. I am getting questions from readers on this topic, and would like to be able to point them to a thread here. Is there one already established, or would you be interested in a new one? Then we can push each other on Chinese! I suspect you are way ahead of me, though.

I’ll try a search.



Playing around with pen and ink I drifted into some Chinese calligraphy and have been toying with the idea of making a serious study of it. I am interested in too many things.


I know about the interest in too many things! Memory systems do that to you because you suddenly have hooks for everything and that makes me want to know more.

I am now seriously into Chinese / Mandarin (although not very advanced) and over the initial massive hurdle which I found difficult. I am fascinated by the characters and then by the calligraphy. But also the art, especially of the Ming and Song dynasties (because I don’t know much about any others) which had a narrative and mnemonic theme. Just thought I’d try to add to the number of things that you are interested in, zvuv!