What are you doing on "National Train Your Brain Day"?

On October 13th, National Train Your Brain Day challenges us to some puzzling games and riddles! Whether you play solo or go up against teams, the day improves our thinking power.

Exercising the brain is important. Routine activities don’t keep the mind sharp. This day encourages us to expand and exercise our brain and use more of its potential capacity.

HOW TO OBSERVE #TrainYourBrainDay

Do some logic puzzles, brain teasers and riddles to train your brain. Use #TrainYourBrainDay to post on social media.

My related activities today:

  • Reviewed double digit squares for 5 minutes
  • Calendar calculation for 5 minutes
  • Hectoc for 15 mins

What have you done today to celebrate #TrainYourBrainDay?


Played ‘Hunt The Cat Scheisse’ in her garden with ‘Eichkatzl’ aka Granddaughter2 (4 yrs) this afternoon , does that count?