What are the methods to memorize numbers?


I am a new member and very interested in learning about the memory technique. May I ask what are all the different methods to memorize two and three digit numbers? thanks so much!


I expect Josh will be along with the links you need in a minute but to answer the question the most popular methods seem to me to be the Major, the Dominic, the PAO and the Number-Shape.


There is an overview of the most common systems on the how to memorize numbers.

There is also a free PDF ebook in the getting started guide.

If you aren’t sure which one to choose, the Major System is a safe bet.

Try the Major system, its easy and very efficient. It works the best for me.

Thank you all for replying. Since I had read Dominic OBriens book, I did get started with the PAO system but I have a question.

Question - Now that I have memorized a PAO for numbers from 1 to 99, how do I start memorizing a string of say 10 numbers? Do I use the method of location or a memory palace to place a sequence of six digit numbers at each location?

Question 2 - If not for the location based method, which are the other methods that are widely used to memorize numbers?

thanks again *-

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It’s in there…

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Yes, here’s an example of how to use a memory palace.

The method of loci is the most common way to keep numbers in order. There is a video in the post below that shows various ways to place numbers in locations.