What are the different ways to rote memorize?

Rote memorization is essentially repetition but what are the different ways one can do it?

Rote memorize by looking into the textbook or without seeing textbook? I hope there are many ways to rote memorize, kindly enlighten me!

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The best and well known method is the use of flashcards paired up with space repetion.

You can also try first reading and then writing multiple times based on memory,without looking. This method is quite effective if you are in a time crunch.

Still if you prefer reading try to read first and then without looking or covering up the page try to memorise the thing you just read.

These are not the best methods but more effective than re reading.


Hi Pakupaku9,

Why would you come on a memory forum to ask about Rote learning? LOL
It’s the antithesis of this forum. :slight_smile:

Rereading text, Orally verbalizing read text, Writing down text, Flash cards.
Repeating directions verbally, Repeating movements over and over as well.

Don’t bother with rote my friend…Waste of time…except for muscle memory.



You’re so right. :grin:

Rote memory is still memory.

Rote memory is terribly inefficient and wearisome.

Also, haven’t we ALL been through enough Rote torture in learning?