What are some props / symbols beyond 0 - 99 you found useful?

I am using the Dominic System for 0 - 99, and am now thinking about adding extra characters / props for the months of the year (Jan- Dez) as well as centuries (19century, 18century etc.). I was also thinking of having an extra prop for times of the day. So for example, I might remember the codes for 12 + 18 and then add Stephen Hawking, indicating that I should read the two numbers as time, e.g. 12.18 pm.

Another user on here suggested using a rope to connect two dates, e.g. the 2nd World War was from 39 - 45, that would be : code for 39 + 45, connecting the two with a rope somehow, indicating that this is a from - to relation.

Do you think this is a valid approach? Or do you think this is going to clutter my mental space / images in the long run? (Might need to open up a separate topic for this.)

In any case, what other additional props / symbols have you found useful to introduce?

I think a lot of this will depend upon both your personal experience and the culture you grew up in.

For some of my “month” associations: January is my Aunt Jan. February is a large pink heart (Valentine’s Day); context tells me which it is. March is a leprechaun (for St. Patrick’s Day). April is rain. May is the Mayflower ship. June is a June bug. July is fireworks (for the U.S.’s Independence Day), August is a book (because of the author August Derleth), October is a jack o’lantern (Halloween), November is a turkey (for Thanksgiving), and December is a Christmas tree. (Oddly, I’ve never been able to come up with a satisfying association for September.)

I don’t think I have any other associations/props/symbols beyond those that aren’t based on the Major, rhyme, or shape systems or substitutes for numbers. I haven’t yet needed a symbol to tie things together, but I have a feeling I might try to come up with a linking story action rather than something like a rope. I tend to inject a lot of story elements—and even dialogue—in my memory palaces.



I often use my Dominic System in combination with symbols I have for the alphabet and with number shapes for single digits.
In laws there are often Articles with letters (mostly when the Article was added later).

I use the NATO alphabet. C is Charlie, so I use Charlie Brown. O is Oscar, that would be an oscar-statue. And so on.

For Art. 204c the image would be: Barack Obama (20) on a sailing boat (4) with Charlie Brown ( C ). Then I just add an image that represents the content of the article.

I also use the symbols for the alphabet sometimes (only if necessary) to spell out akronyms in my memory palaces.


This is pretty cool for articles of law, I really like the idea!

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