What are some of your memory management stratergies?

I read that being taught an effective stratergy to manage memory for 30 minutes is equivalent to about 30 days of Memory Traning,

And sharing your effective memory management strategies can help a lot of other people get better at memory or atleast myself,

And I hope that those reading this post will share all of their effective memory management stratergies to help other and myself which I will try to teach in this forum topic(If I get any effective memory management stratergy),

Link to that research -





Did you follow the links to the original study?
It’s a study about working memory, which was evaluated through N-back training, so that’s a quite different topic to mnemonics.

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Can you post the link to that article,

And I think that working memory is also used by those who mnemonics,


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In much the same way that professional cyclists also walk from time to time…

…their walking performance; however, is usually not taken as an indicator as far as their cycling performance is concerned.

I followed the links in the article you posted and got this: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-22396-5

Let me clarify something: Mnemonists do use working memory, because everyone uses working memory all the time.
If someone asked you “Where is germany?” your brain would keep “germany” in your working memory, while simultaneously searching your long-term memory for your geography knowledge and comparing both until it finds the answer, ie, “Germany is in europe”. When you type in your computer you keep what you want to say in your working memory while you hands type the letters out. Etc.
If the brain was a computer, working memory would be the RAM , which is used to process everything the computer does. The hard drive would be long-term memory. And mnemonics would be using the most efficient way to store and retreive data from the hard drive.

And to answer your original question, I think we could adapt the conclusion of the study to mnemonics (even though the study was about somethings different) like this: The strategies that mnemonists use, and I guess you already know them, are things like

  • Association (for instance, associating a person´s name with a trait in their face)
  • Use of images (for instance, converting numbers into persons/actions/objects)
  • Location (for instance, memory palace)
    It would take 30 minutes to explain the basics of mnemonics to someone new to the topic, but it would take days, months, or even years for someone to develop those strategies on their own.