What are some noticable differences between the memory palaces of yours and others?

A person uses a UFO while navigating his memory Palaces

Another member in this forum creates images with less detail when creating her images for greater capacity and speed.

Another member may add artibutes such as “wet”,“burnt” and “old” to his memory palaces to visualize them faster

While another person adds more detail to his images after wards to remember them more…,

What are your Memory Palace difference that help you and can help others ? ,


Have an Amazing Day.

  • I use a langue for some numbers as I do not have images for 59,69(I use age distinctions and “before” word to remeber them)

Examples- Before old age, Before retirement.

  • Another person expands his memory palace while memorizing info.

  • Maybe at least one person uses Magnetic Memory Palaces for compensating against her or his Aphantasia.

  • I use a five fold synesthesia to hear information associated to the objects in my Memory Palace.

  • Another person used text as his memory palace.