What app can help with my reviews? Primarily scheduling

I know this has been discussed before, but maybe there are updates and new apps?

I’ve got a number of larger memory palaces, but I’m still in the stage of adding new ones all the time. I’d like to make sure that I review them in the right time frame (understanding that the “right” time frame is a personal thing).

What do you use to remember to do the reviews? Taking something simple like O’Brien’s review schedule:

First review: Immediately
Second review: 24 hours later
Third review: One week later
Fourth review: One month later
Fifth review: Three months later

How can I remember to do my third, fourth, and fifth reviews? I may be in different stages in multiple memory palaces. I could try to track it in a spreadsheet but that seems cumbersome.

What I really want is an app that will alert me when it’s time. I could put multiple memory palaces in and would just get a phone alert that would say, “Time to review constitutional amendments”.

I figured a flash cards app would work best for this, as it would have reminders to review, even if I didn’t actually use the flash cards. There are a lot of anki apps out there but I get very confused as to which is which.

Any suggestions?

There’s only one Anki though another company released one under a misleading name. See also: memory palace management software.

OK, I see. I had downloaded the “other” anki app and it’s not really working for me. Although since it’s free it does seem to have a lot more content.

I don’t seem to be able to download the free version of software from this site. It takes to me to a page that says to log in, which takes me to this forum page. I click on Software and I get sent back to the same page you linked to, but it just seems to be an endless circle.

Looks like Anki has an iOS app, but it’s $25. I think that’s why I got the other one.

I’ll download the Windows version and see if it meets what I need. I feel silly paying $25 for an app to remind me, though, since I don’t think I’ll actually be using the flash card part of it.

The software requires the pro plan. (The subscriptions are what support the rest of this site.)

I think the real Anki program is free except for the iOS version. If you just need reminders and don’t mind entering them manually (keybinding: q for quick-add), todoist.com is good. If it’s something you’re doing every day, you could use index cards and a Leitner system.


I tried todoist, and it’s probably the best reminder app. But I still have to enter each one manually. I was hoping for more of a custom template option where I could put in my standard. I review a little more often than O’Brien recommends, so I’d love a template where I can just put in the reminder and it would automatically schedule out 1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. Then I when I start on a new palace I would just go to todoist and enter “kings and queens of England” and it would take that task and set all of my reminders.

And to add to my own post, I found that todoist lets you create your own custom templates, but only if you subscribe to the premium version.

I guess I’m paying something no matter what… Oh well.

Updating for anyone reading this later. I found that todoist lets you use an older project as a template for a newer project. So I made up a generic project just called “Memory Review” with my dates in it. Then I exported it as a template. And told todoist that the dates were relative.

So I should be able to just create a new project based on that template and it will automatically fill out the dates.

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