Weird Question(s) Concerning PAO

Hello Sherlocks!
This forum has been a blast and I want to thank you all!
My first question is, will at some point I’ll have to remake my whole PAO system? because of ghosting or images getting too boring/old?
And my second and most important question is while memorizing numbers with PAO, should I only use images and stop subvocalizing? like “Alright, John Smith Kicks The Moon”.
Is subvocalizing preventing me from being faster?


To clarify my personal best on numbers ~80digits, 60s, WITH PURE OBJECTS years ago.
I am now trying to overcome 60 digits in 60s with PA. Yet, I actually have a PAO system created by myself.

Back to the track, ghost images have to be seriously treated! If the problem can be solved by practicing, then it’s fine, Train MORE. However, if you did lots training in digits, still some images never comes. You should consider they are zombies(you thought you had memorised it, and can’t revive them in recalling), Purify them by swapping a more vivid image.

Subvocalise is extremely hard to handle, same in speed reading. I would say don’t worry about it, as if you still have a vast improvement in the _ _ _ _ :wink: way to the top. Speed reading is for the top gangster who wish to take the next level memorisation.

To sum up, if you can summon an image by subvocalise it quickly, don’t bother to do so.

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