Week six ...


Just moved to our new appartement, bad weather, sick, mess all over the place, a lot to do at work, baby crying at night, that sums it up!

Monday to Wednesday:
Drilling, drilling, drilling … many unsuccessful speed cards attempts at around 1:20-1:30 and finally a 52/52 in 1:20 (PB by 1000ms)

Drilling for 20 minutes in the bus on the way to work. Coffee + one sneaky speed cards attempt … 1:12 :slight_smile: I got so excited after I managed to re-position all 52 cards without much hesitation that I didn’t take a minute to double-check. Turns out I had mis-encoded one image and as a result swapped two cards. Had I checked I would probably have swapped them and gotten them right as I was pretty sure about the very first image. Next time …

Fast review of all 1000 images during lunch: best time of 1.1s per image for the whole set.

A couple more lousy (safe) cards attempts before bed, 52/52 on 1:38 and 1:33.


A good night’s sleep!!

Anki-drilling on my way to work. Some images are definitely getting clearer, yay. Some visu-runs through a few decks, 37s on average. Getting stuck (>2s) on fewer and fewer combinations, so that’s green too. Two cards attempts at lunch time. Encoding error (original versus shadow img) and four swapped cards on the first one (1:14) and … bull’s eye on the second one, 52/52 in 1:12. This two-card nonsense has already gotten me a minute faster than PAO and definitely feeling like I can improve much more :slight_smile:

Oh and a proper Dates attempt, I’ve been stuck at level 12 on memocamp for a while now, trying to get 72/80 to proceed to level 13. I felt like it would be easier in competition, where I could just ignore the 2xxx dates (they take slightly longer than the others to encode+link to a loci, instead of just encoding) and still have (way) more than 70 dates to choose from. Good news, I smashed my record, from 65 up to 76!! Attempted 79 (out of 80) and got 2 wrong, one that I should have caught in the review and the other for which I was unsure if it was 1005 or 2005. First time over 600 points in one event. Smiley face.