Week five, two months to go :)


One month before the Swedish Cold Water Swimming Championships, which has nothing to do with memory training, but something else to look forward to in the first quarter of 2017!

… and yes, two months until the French Open in Paris.

Our little family has been a little under the weather for the past few days, which means that we got some night with intermittent sleep … combined with the fact that we are in the process of moving to a new appartment … and a lot to do at work … however, I’ve been managing to squeeze in some training during lunch time and in the evening.


13 visualization runs through decks of cards, trying to resist the urge to move on to the next cards before I’ve actually completed the single-image visualization. I was on average at around 50s last week, I’m happy to say that I’m now averaging 45s with a couple runs under 40s. It’s only one part of the whole process, but it’s satisfying to see that I’m improving there.

No speed cards attempt.

Drilling through my images in Anki, I’m getting better at doing the learning/reviews on a regular basis.


A full quick review of the 1000 images for digits. I’m still doing as before and moving on to the next number when I’ve subvocalized the keyword. I should really be visualizing instead, but it takes longer … maybe on 500 images every day from now on? I hid the timer this time and landed on a good-enough 19:20, I thought I’d be much slower!

One speed card attempt, also hiding the timer, I’ll always do that from now on, I get stressed by the countdown. Surprised to see that I finished in 1:30, I took only about one more minute to run through the path and pick up all images except one, promising! The recall went quite quickly too, but a couple cards didn’t feel quite right. I had gotten all the correct keywords, but on a couple occasions, I had used the shadow image instead of the original (or the other way around). I didn’t think that this was a problem. I’ll do a few more attempts to see if that was a one-time thing.

But feeling much more hopeful that I can get closer to 60s by march :slight_smile:

EDIT 1: one more silly attempt where I swapped two cards for the same reason as above. I rushed into the recall, had I double-checked (I had time …), I would have had 52/52 in 1:27. Ah well, still moving forward :slight_smile:


Yipee, did a bit of Anki review (will do it every day, so I’ll stop mentioning it!) and proceeded to do two visu-runs for cards (34s on the second one, probably some easy images) and then one real speed cards attempt, felt quite sluggish and wasn’t really able to conjure up the images straight away … but … ended up getting a 52/52 in 1:26. Officially an 11-second improvement. Yipee :slight_smile:


Got the day started with a 10-minute cards event to celebrate the fact that we managed to sleep better than the past few nights! Took my time and did a full review and got a 156/156, which is worth way more points than my 1:26 in speed cards(427pts vs 332). I’ll take it!

Lunch time: did a speed numbers attempt, 'twas a while back now. Encoded 240 in 4:10, reviewed 75% of the images (which was mostly unneccessary, most of it was vivid) and started the recall. Got interrupted by a colleague after having recalled 237 digits (one missing image). I kind of knew that the missing image was 1xx, tried to go quickly through the 100 images, skipped over a few that didn’t pop up in my head straight away … and sure enough one of them was the correct one (183). The rest was correct. Evaluation of only 200, but 238/240.

Speed cards: another PB of 1:21, I did throw myself over the finish line this time: I usually read the last 6 cards to myself without linking or visualizing them but this time, silly me, I went for 8 cards … and ended up having to flip a coin to decide on the position of the two remaining queens (or was my hunch that the black queen came four steps before the red one based on reality?!). The coin did its job. Cheeky me, that’ll come to bite me in competition, I’m sure :slight_smile:

Friday and weekend:

A bit of Anki, but mostly busy moving to a new apartment…

(Josh Cohen) #2

Nice speed card times. :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I haven’t officially reached 1:30 yet though, and I will probably need to get down to 1:00 if I want to have enough margin to break the french record (99.9 seconds !) in an actual competiton … but it’s going in the right direction.

(Josh Cohen) #4

Getting down below 99 seconds sounds doable.

When you mentioned “French Open in Paris” are you referring to swimming or memory. If it’s a memory competition, is there a website with more information?


The French Open is a memory open :slight_smile: Françoise said that it’ll be possible to sign up for it in the next few days.I can refer you to https://arsmemoriaefr.com/ but there isn’t much more information than the dates (11-12/03) and the format (national) at the moment.

(Josh Cohen) #6

Thanks, I will add it to the memory competition calendar.