Wed Aug 16 21:38:28 2017 progress update

i found that using something to simulate walking in my case my fingers tapping on my temple improves my Spatial awareness while tranversing memory palces or loci even if i am not walking.

How does it work? Do you just tap on your temple, alternating with two fingers while you’re walking through your memory journey?

i dunno i post this blog post because i was memorising numbers and then i found that i could see more ( remeber more about my surrounding) when tapped on my temple and that improved the quickness at witch i could traverse(go through the memory palce again) a memory place and the how fast i can trace a loci in my mind slighly after doing more practice i have come to the conclusion that it was propery just a focus thing i dunno should i take it down or keep it up or take it down either way it is just a blog it’s the least serious of all the boards.

I think it’s interesting. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it would help me with focusing if I only do that when I’m performing that one action.

so do people from educational websites frequent this site?

What kind of educational websites?

[supremeessaywritingservice] i supected it was a troll but i don’t know.

Worse than a troll – it was a link spammer. They get paid to go around vandalizing websites.

I removed the hyperlink from your comment above, because their goal is to get links to their site, and I don’t want to help them. If they are successful, it will get worse. :slight_smile: