Websites that have the best speed reading applied software



Hi! Can anybody let me know if you have encountered a speed reading website that is amazing? One that you do not have to go get a book and practice, that has you read passages and times your reading, one that teaches you the concepts and then you get to apply them online and see your performance as you progress.

Thank you!


(Josh Cohen) #2

I don’t know of one, but you might find something by typing “speed reading” into the search box.


I’ve used Ace Reader for a while. I don’t know if it is “amazing” enough, but it is good enough.

The problem is that the texts increase in complexity by becoming unrealistic: names, dates, and lists of facts abound in the texts giving them an unrealistic air. They allow a good level of objectivity in the evaluation questions, but they look quite artificial after a time. I think it is good enough to begin a regime of practice, but you’ll eventually have to go for real books and put in some real effort.

By far, I’d say that reading and taking your time to practice each chapter of “Break-through Rapid Reading” is the best option for improving the speed of reading. No magic there, but a lot of useful information and practice suggestions.