We Are Immortal

There’s a company in South Korea that would clone your dog. Interestingly, the genes can be obtained from old dogs dying of age, yet produce the same baby version, and it would still live a normal dog life span. From what I know, we do not have a single gene that contributes to cause aging (except mutant genes like Werner syndrome), and that it is not damage to genes in the form of digital information (base arrangement), but rather damage at the epigenetic leve (when and what genes should be turned ON or OFF). Now when organism go sterile naturally, that pretty much means the genes responsible for repairing DNA switched on (its other function is sealing the gene(s) that stops fertilisation). If the problematic DNA break is not fixed, you stay sterile. This is why old organism go sterile in the general case. But imagine the problem is fixed, but it is the order of which tells what genes should be turned on or off, and when is messed up, then the problem is never completely fixed, thus causing aging, hence death (do ur search might be wrong who knows lalalaa :slight_smile: )

Wont go into too detail as I am a noob to biology afterall, and please dont take my words as literal, do the research yourselve before begging me for it as I might be wrong, ALOT!


I think aging seems very reversible with more advances in medical science.