Warning: "Memory Craft" Unavailable ATM

If you happen to be outside Oz and were planning to order , either for yourself or your nearest and dearest around the globe as the PERFECT Xmas gift, a copy of Memory Craft from Bookdespository.con ( as @LynneKelly mentions on her website I believe) then please be aware they seem to be unable to fulfill such orders atm. Apparently their supplier has let them down (and they couldn’t send me a 2 line email to let me know??!).
I’m hoping that’s a GOOD thing and means Lynne has sold sooo many copies it’ll need reprinting!
PROTIP: if you have ordered a copy and not received it yet then avoid emailing their Customer Disservice Team as they are hopeless (in German we would describe them as being a ‘Juice Shop’ , apparently because dodgy apothecaries in Germany used to sell patent ‘meds’ or Wonder Juices- which may make a nice mnemonic image for someone). I found the Live Chat the best option.


Thank you so much for your recommendation, GibtsDochGarNicht. I really appreciate it!

I am really disappointed that Bookdepository is out of stock. The Australian sites all have stock. Memory Craft has already been reprinted a number of times, which is really lovely. I will be so glad when it is published in the US in January and available everywhere.

I expect Bookdepository will be in stock again soon. I’ll check with my publisher.

Thank you for letting me know.



As we all, your fans around the world, will also be! Hopefully the audio book will appear then too? Sorry if I sounded a little narked but I am and my annoyance is directed towards Bookdep for their shoddy service and UNhelpFUL desk, not towards you in any way. I have just had to part with my own copy of MC and send it to the original intended recipient which has cost me more than the book did! I shall of course reorder myself a copy but think I will leave it now until the January release- you’ve given me enough to be going on with for the present and i might get the audio as well this time…although I was disappointed to read it isn’t you on the tape -for an Australian you have a nice speaking voice :stuck_out_tongue:

Im glad to say that I got my order of Memory Craft from Bookdepository last week.

But, I also want to mention that my book from Bookdepository arrived demolished. I dont know what happened on the way to Germany, but it was really disappointing for me.

Maybe only I had bad luck with my order.

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I feel your pain Bruder! My own copy arrived safe and sound, in a padded plastic mail bag. What happened to yours? Can I also ask when you ordered the book because that failed order of mine was on the 30/31 of October?

I placed the order on 19th of October and it was dispatched on 24th of October.

The book was also in a padded plastic mail bag, but the spine of the book is contrite.
The form of the book is not normal and on some pages it feels like the book could fall apart.

I think it could be worse, but it was my first order from Bookdepository and it did not a good impression to me. :frowning:

I think I can handle it and Im actually happy that I can read the book, although its not published in Germany.

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Thank you, sounds like you got the "Montagsstück " (for the non-German speakers that means, the product that was made first thing on a Monday morning by some hungover worker).