Wardrobe-Method/PEG-System vs. Memory Palace/Journey Method

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a couple of days ago I stumbled upon the Wardrobe Method or PEG-System (here on the forum). I only ever used Memory Palaces, so the idea of the Wardrobe Method is new to me, which is why I have some questions:

Where are the pros and cons of the PEG-System vs Memory Palaces?
Which method do you prefer and why?
Do you use both methods or only one (most of the time)?
Is one method superior to the other (and if so, why)?

Thank you.



I use it all. Even action, sound, smell, it’s all grist for the memory mill.
@LynneKelly writes about the various indigenous cultures who combine many methods. With practice you’ll develop your own methods; you may combine or not.

Everyone remembers in his/her/their own way.

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