Wanting technique suggestions for memorizing small snippets of information

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I have lots of information about various facilities in a hotel that i would like to memorize. Each facilities will have between 2 and 8 ‘snippets’ of information associated with it. It is not important that I memorize the snippets word for word. Instead, I need to just memorize the essential information.

For example


  • breakfast from 6am to 11am
  • dinner sunday to Thursday 5 to 10pm
  • sunday brunch 11am to 3pm
  • private seating for large parties


  • heated to 80 degrees
  • open 24 hour
  • full service bar & restaurant

There are about 15 more little snippet groups i want to memorize. Doesn’t really matter that i remember each topic or snippet in any order.

I am interested to hear how you would approach this problem.
My first thought was to use a journey for each topic and a location for each snippet.



I would do exactly that, a small journey for each topic and I would use the major system to remember those numbers. For example, I imagine a giant swinging banana with 6 at one end (bee hive) and 11 at the other end (Lolly) playing seesaw with the banana in one location. Best fo luck.


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If it’s a hotel that you’ve been to, you could use the hotel’s rooms as the journeys.


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It is and I actually think this is a great idea. I have not yet worked long enough their to know the restaurants and such to make a journey.

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Some hotels have their interiors posted on Google Maps. You could also take some pictures and then plan out the journey at home.



I use Anki for all snippets that might be useful. The Anki version of SR learns how well YOU remember each item. Someone else might require more or less time than you.

Anki then prompts you on the day before you are due to forget the answer. So difficult items are presented at short intervals - which will increase according to your personal ability. Easy items are rapidly pushed into the future. Some of the items in my database have the next review time in 9.7 years. I’ll report back to let you know how accurate that prediction was. Brexit might have concluded by then.

Input to Anki is usually framed as questions (or as cloze deletions). The answer to a question is the same factual info that you might prefer to input into a palace.

So, here are possible questions for your snippets, in sequence. The rule is “one question per snippet”.

  • What time is breakfast?
  • When is dinner on Sundays through Thursday?
  • When is Sunday brunch?
  • Do you have private seating for large parties? (Do you really need memory aids to remember this?)
  • What temp is your pool? (Same as previous)
  • How many hours per day are you open? (Same as previous.)
  • Do you have a full service bar? (Same as previous.)
  • Do you have a restaurant? (Same as previous. Seriously, do you really need this?)