Vulgar mnemonic pictures in your head..many of them


Does anyone of you have any experience with your 'vulgar, sexual, content you use for your images, in your Memory palace for instance. If so, I’m sure you remember but have you noticed anything else? I can not let this thought go; is it worth it to leave all these sometimes pornographic content (I am suspect :smile: ) in your deep memory just to remember?

Furthermore please, tip me on some gore things or other bizarre images you create? Got a method like the PAO but with bodyparts or whatnot?

Best wishes

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I would recommend using such strong images only when both of these is true:

  • it’s for speed, short-term, memorization, such as when memorizing a pack of playing cards
  • you find that such a type of image helps memorization

I would avoid these for e.g. memorizing all the presidents of the US, because with minimal extra effort you can choose something else.

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I have a couple of them, not too many though. They are just like other images. But it depends on personal preference. When they make you feel uncomfortable, then you are always free to take something else.

I would just advice you not to pay too much attention to avoiding these images. The harder you try not to think about something, the harder it will push into your mind. For example try to not think of a pink elephant now.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

I like your imput. Makes me feel calm about it. There is plenty of memorable mnemonics that come from imagination now when I think of it. Still, I really would like to know if anyone has any bizarre ‘method’ for compiling and superimposing images or if anyone has noticed that their mind has become dirtier or more vulgar from these images?
Thanks again for making me feel calm about it, when it comes down to creating images I mostly just pick the first thing that pops up or what intuition tells me unless there is sentence memorization.

I like the notion of 'not avoiding. It reminded me of the intuition behind creating images.

Use away!

There are plenty of references for people in the medieval ages promoting the use of “obscene, violent or frivolous images” (Edward III and Thomas Bradwardine c. 1300-1349 and Peter of Ravenna (1448-1508) did so too of enticing women.

(Reference stolen from Memory Craft by LynneKelly.

Lynne writes in her book that she is not shy from using such images for memorizing. No one knows what goes on in your head, and until someone invents a mind-reader, you should be pretty safe in thinking anything that helps you remember.

(Just maybe stay clear of Elon Musk and his Neurolink pig experiments :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have been trying to avoid the more vulgar pictures, though I am opening up for it more and more.
When I have to think about what is ethical and cultural correct, it just seems to block my imagination completely.
Perhaps as @Finwing says, trying not to think about something just leaves you thinking more about it.

And since you need to make the association, you cannot just tell your brain to think of something else.

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Maybe Association synesthesia will be possible :slightly_smiling_face:,

And the more you will be in the presence of very large things the more you will remember them compared to your previous memory and I think this thing can be applied to prevent the strength of voilent imagery and increase the strength of the more common imagery in our lives, For me this worked,

And your comment was very insightful @PAWO,


Have a Good Day.

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So you mean that creating bigger images? Very large things?

Have a Good Day you too!!!

Hola, pese a considerarme principiante en la materia de memorización, daré mi punto de vista sobre la cuestión de la utilización de imágenes sangrientas y otras similares que impliquen dolor, miedo u otras emociones negativas, dado que, en alguna ocasión me he formulado a mi mismo la misma o parecida pregunta de si es recomendable visualizar, sentir, oler, etc… tales emociones en primera persona o como espectador con frecuencia, porque, en mi caso suelen ser recurrentes al memorizar formando mini-historias con personajes y objetos de casilleros mentales, sobre todo cuando se hacen sujetas a tiempo.
En primer lugar, está claro que sí funcionan para memorizar, porque al fin y al cabo nos transmiten emociones y ello hace que se produzca la memorización.
En segundo lugar, no creo que deba preocuparse en exceso por ver este tipo de imágenes. Por ejemplo, los adolescentes de hoy están todo el día jugando a videojuegos de matar a gente y no por ello se convierten como regla general en asesinos, aunque desde mi punto de vista si tiene una influencia negativa en la conducta.
Dicho lo anterior, mi conclusión es que, en la medida de lo posible debemos evitar tales visualizaciones que producen sensaciones negativas, porque no creo que beneficien al desarrollo cognitivo del ser humano ni su estado de ánimo a largo plazo. Por supuesto, será más fácil hacerlo cuando disponga de tiempo para elegir la acción a desempeñar por el personaje elegido, debiéndose enfocar la creatividad en visualizaciones fantásticas, exageradas o extrañas, pero que evoquen emociones positivas, que sí tienen un beneficio a corto, medio y largo plazo. Es decir, si creo un casillero mental de personajes y acciones con algún propósito trataré de visualizar, sentir felicidad y reírme un buen rato con situaciones alucinantes y divertidas en las acciones de mis personajes u objetos.
Ahora bien, si estoy memorizando con tiempo limitado para superar algún récord personal sin haber definido y memorizado previamente la acción del personaje u objeto, es muy difícil controlar la creatividad y como mi mente sabe que funcionan bien las visualizaciones con sensaciones negativas para memorizar rápido, las evoca con demasiada frecuencia desde mi punto de vista en las mini-historietas.
Todavía no he conseguido solucionar este última cuestión, simplemente trato de no recrearme en exceso en tales historias y no darle mucha importancia. Confío en ir cambiándolo poco a poco.
Espero que le sirvan mis comentarios.

I never share my real peg lists. Because this site as far as I know is kid friendly.

Extravagant images could be a hinder, because you would invest more in visualization than in association. Ex. “Attaching a phrase to the image of giant wrecking a city. That’s overkill.” With such an image I could attach a long poem or many concepts.

The quality of the image should be in accordance to your ability to visualize and your intended amount of information to memorize.

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This is something i strongly object to using. For my moral compass. I do not use pornograpghic or anything sexual. Pornography i find evil in itself since it degrades woman or man to objects for pleasure and i believe we should leave people in their dignity. Whether in real life or in imagination. Actually i have been addicted to porn from my 13th. and many man like meand woman struggle with the same. Im grateful to God that i have been able to be free from it for more than 5 years or so. But those vulgar images does influence your brain in a bad way. Many years after, these images stay in your brain. Nothing to do with love ( desiring each other and wanting whats best for the other) of course veryone is born free its a gift but if you choose to imagine sexual acts in your mind i firmly believe it will feed possible addiction and distorted thinking. My mental imagination hs no problem not using those images and i think restricting yourself this way may free your imagination to new ways. Hope this might inspire someone. And if someone struggling with this and want to talk you can PM me always

Hola, que suerte, en este momento yo practico espanol.

Gusto el perspectivo de ti.

Mi opinion por fin es que cuando finjo yo he confianzo en mi ‘alma’ a desempenar imágen con respecto a memorisar y a soler escoge las images como un bromeo, sin meido o por rompa mi moral.

Buenas tardes desde Suecia

Yeeees. Memory above all. And actually as we all probably agree on, some things just sticks. Those things that sticks I actually find being what comes first, whether it is irrelevant or sometimes just plain funny, emotional or meaningful.

THello Rookus,
You sink when you flex your body, and float when you relax. You have probably heard this. And the disobedient teens certainly know to face alarming restrictions as if “do the opposite” is what you are saying.
In many alleys of life I find that first I push hard trough restriction and then it hits me back. I do think porn has its disadvantages but one cant go around closing ones eyes for ones lover? Porn is exactly that, an image, whether the actress is ones lover or addiction, especially if you happen to picture a loci this way it is just an image. And if ,as you say, these images stick and influence you in a distorted way, I would say that goes for ones lover too.

It is a gift to do whatever you like, but I’ll rather give that up to God just as you do…even the hard restriction. I am happy you got out of porn addiction, there is plenty more to be rescued… or left to drown…and realize that it was just a stupid metaphor! Austerity is gold in these times anyhow…

Um. I’m not particularly sure Edward, Tom, Peter and Lynne make your argument any stronger for me. I think I’ll stick with Epictetus, he’s even more ancient and his name is very Greek so he must be right :wink:

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Isn’t that a bit voyeuristic to ask?

Well, there’s the obvious thing to notice for anybody who’s known more than one culture and traveled a bit in their life… truth is in the eye of the beholder… i.e., the perception of what you mention is subjective.

Take the movie American Pie (1999) for instance, which has an MPAA rating in the US of:

Rated R for strong sexuality, crude sexual dialogue, language and drinking, all involving teens

…the very same movie in most European countries is roughly a PG-13 when transferring the rating into US ratings, and France went as far as making it tous publics which is equivalent to “suitable for all audiences” in English. Other movies with an R in the US and a U in France include: American Beauty, Eyes Wide Shut, and Braveheart.

One the other hand, you can check the ratings in Asian countries under the link above. The ‘unrated’ version is banned in Malaysia and the censored version is 18+. Singapore, Indonesia, and India are all also rated R. For the majority of Indian movies (Bollywood if you will) you will not find any kissing scenes in any RomCom produced there either.

So it really all depends… take for instance the fact that somebody went through the movie and checked the language for profanities:

  • 23 F-words, a C-word and one obscene finger gesture, many scatological references, anatomical references and other obscenities.

On the other hand Germany not too long ago had a movie called Fack ju Göhte (2013), which had a PG-13 rating in Germany just like the aforementioned American Pie. Now, here’s the funny bit…

The phrase “Fack ju” on the original title is a parody on bad grammar and phonetically identical to “F*** you”. Because of this, the franchise was denied a trademark in 2015, as the title was considered vulgar by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Constantin Film appealed this, and in 2020 the European Court of Justice (the supreme court of the European Union) ruled the assessment by EUIPO to be wrong.

Make of this what you will… the point is that your brain is good at recognizing patterns, so if you give it something dull and boring to remember, you will more than likely forget. It is much easier to remember things that don’t fit a familiar pattern. Some people are more into Comedy, others into Action, Horror, etc. genre of movies or books. Use what works for you and don’t ponder the implications so much.

Honestly, do you think you’d wake up a lawyer or a doctor someday just because you accidentally read too many books in Latin? Worst case scenario, just apply a French rating system as in the example above. :wink:


One argument against using distressing or unpleasant imagery is that it costs extra brain energy trying to “contain” it and not let it actually negatively effect you in various ways. the point of memory tools is to help to access information with minimum mental energy, so “burning” these images into your brain my not be effective in terms of the mental energy required in order to let them >only< encode information and not evoke all kinds of other feelings, thoughts etc. you don’t want to be having.

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“I never share my real peg lists. Because this site as far as I know is kid friendly.”

Main thing I have to say to that is… much respect!! That is a great policy and a good reminder to keep things clean. When creating an account here I did not notice that you have to sign a form verifying that you are 18+ ((OR)) that you have the consent of parent/guardian. In this day and age though, there are certainly minors on this site that may not even have consent but are here anyway. I know I would be if I was a minor. So, best practice is kid friendly.

That’s all, just wanted to reply with some respect for you and others who show up on this forum with the same moral compass.

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I have a couple of general comments because I think this is a very sensitive subject and each individual has their own view on it. I respect everybody’s opinions on this topic and encourage each of you to do what feels right for you.

As a rule of thumb, it is important to make how you choose to memorize information personal to you, based on what is effective for your brain. I for example, have studied martial arts all my life, and so I like using martial arts in my memory scenes. It is effective for me because it is personal for me.

You do not need to use vulgar, lewd, erotic and sensual scenes in your memory palace/journey/peg lists in order to have an effective memory. Are they effective? for many people, yes. For some however, they are a distraction and slow down the memorization process. They make some people uncomfortable, and some people use only this type of content for memorization.

If your question is, do you need this type of content to have a great memory? The answer is no. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it. I recommend focusing on making your scenes bizarre and funny over making them sexual.

If you value your moral compass over your memorization, or at least you don’t want the two things to be in conflict; then you can absolutely create a peg list and memorization scenes that abide by your moral compass.

I for one, do not like animal violence and when I had to link shotgun and kitten together, a scene suggested itself which disgusted me and I probably would have remembered it, BUT I changed it to a man holding a shotgun that fires kittens at people and suddenly the scene became funny and engaging. I easily remembered it. You can guide your imagination to color within the lines of your moral compass and still have incredible and memorable scenes.

-OR- you can have sexy, erotic content play out in your head. That’s totally ok too. Its all a matter of your personal preference and using the techniques that work for your needs.

That’s my take on it, hope that helps.


What do you mean, voyeuristic? This seems like a you-thing.
I simply meant if any of you have noticed any ‘familiar patterns that don’t fit into familiar patterns’?
eg. me and creating ‘throwing persons into walls’-images.

Interesting what you mention regarding the PG ratio discrepancy. And the subjective really trumps it all yeah! :metal:

I see your point more than where I reasoned from earlier. In the end, you will just sow and reap information in your memory palaces and the images is disregarded debris.

As in collateral damage? Yeah, sure… in a way I guess. The images are certainly there to remind you of the information you wanted to memorize; not to remind you of the image itself. Let’s go with an example, shall we…

Let’s say that for whatever reason you have to memorize that the a above middle c has a frequency of 440 Hz (maybe you tune pianos… I dunno). Using a scene from American Pie now and combining it with 440, which happens to be RRS when using the major system, so you could go with “rehearsal” as your translation.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you can google \color{red}and\ this\ one\ time\ at\ band\ camp and then I leave it up to you to combine that flute (topic: tuning an instrument) with a rehearsal (440 Hz) at band camp; and maybe also add an “A”-sound to the whole mental scene… the ‘a’ replacing the ‘oh’ but that letter is not really on a musical scale. Very creative people can even work in the “middle c” into that image…


…is that PG, PG-13, R-rated, or X-rated? Does that image let you remember A440… or are you distracted by the image and can’t recall what you used it for? Is your mind dirtier now?

Also, I kept it clean up there with this example… because unless you’ve seen the movie, you wouldn’t know what I was talking about. Now it’s just a matter of whatever country you’re in if this movie happens to be for everyone, teenagers, or adults only. You see what I mean… the whole thing is very subjective.

Lol. Damn you for reminding me…or damn me for having watched the movie…and not associated the flute with anything useful :stuck_out_tongue:

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