Hey ,
I’m new here, I’m Alexander.
I would like to use mnemonics to learn languages .
I’ve seen the post of Gavino’s MMP and a lot of others.
However, still I don’t really know how out my words into the palace, can you help me please?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Have you tried making images for words without placing them in locations? Not everyone uses memory palaces/journeys for vocabulary.


Only use memory palace if you want to remember vocabulary in a specific order or group them together. Otherwise just use the sound of the foreign word and make up a image for it and then associate it to the meaning.


Actually, as you memorise more and more words, you’ll need a location to go back to remember the words you memorized, but then be constructing the words into sentences, as you use more and more, you find with time they just come out with you even thinking,that’s how to learn a language.
Memorise and use