Vocabulary for GRE

Hi All,

I’m trying to give GRE exam next month. My primary language is non English and I have to remember atleast 4-5k words with meanings.

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with any technique to remember easily.


Here are a few places to start:


Welcome to Art Of Memory Forum Drazer

Please let us know your knowhow of the memory technique tools. You will need certain tools to be used in combination to achieve the retention of vocabulary. Do you already know some techniques for Memory retention or you have to start from scratch with the tools, that will determine the time investment needed.

As Josh has provided the links they will help you know and learn the required tools, you will need

  1. Alphabet Peg system (There are many variations available one has to be chosen)
  2. Memory Palace (Some Town or City palace is usually used which is advance step of Memory Palace)
  3. Creativity (Association - Location - Imagination) needed to create links between the existing location and peg with the new vocab word image
  4. You will also need the list of words in Alphabet order to stick them in specific letter pegs

All three in combination can be used to retain vocabulary in massive amounts.