Vocabulary, Excel, IPA, and MP3s

I am hoping some bright spark in this forum can provide a solution to a problem I’m having. I have downloaded this file from Anki (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/893324022). It contains 5000 French words including IPA scripts and MP3 audios. It is a perfect resource for learning. I intend to pick out the words I don’t already know and put them into memory palaces.

I exported the Anki file and then imported it into an Excel spreadsheet. That’s when I ran into problems. There are two problems that I haven’t been able to solve:

  1. Playing the MP3 audio files from inside Excel. Each word has a separate MP3 file and a corresponding file name. I put a hyperlink button into Excel to play the MP3. The hyperlink works but every time I press the button I get a warning message about only opening files from trusted sources. It is very frustrating and I haven’t been able to make the warning sign go away, not even with VBA. I’ve googled it but can’t find a workable solution.

  2. The IPA script gets mangled during the importing process. The accents on the French words were easy enough to fix with the “replace all” function, but the IPA seems to be lost.

What I am looking for is a solution. I just want a list of words and next to each word the meaning, IPA, and a button to play the associated MP3. I’m not fussed about using Excel (2011 on a Mac). I’d be happy to use another program.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Have you tried Libre Office with the settings on UTF-8?

If you’d like me to give it a try, upload the Anki export to Google Drive or Dropbox, and send me a link to it via private message.

I have the same problem with Excel and my Vocab data with IPA scripts. I have to use LibreOffice to work with it, then save it as an .xlsx file and then I can finally open it in Excel. Only then does the IPA display correctly.

Sorry for the very slow reply - I just found your replies. Thank you for the tips. I’ll check them out.