Visualizations for Word Endings (English)

I have been stumbling over some suffixes in words, and I am sure this is a problem that some others have as well. This morning, I took some time to create visualizations of words. I am going to train words, and note which endings give me trouble, and focus in on those, but I am assuming others may struggle with different suffixes. Let me know if I forget any endings, or if you have a different visualization for the ones I mentioned.

Noun Suffixes

Acy- Aces
Al- Al Boreland
Ance/Ence- Lance/Hens

Ant- Ant

Dom- Dom Toretto

ee- Bee/Referee

eer- Engineer/beer

Er- X-> Error

Est- Gold medal ( best)

Or- Boat oar

Ion- Atom

Ism- prism

Ist- fist

Ity- Gravity (visualize your images falling)

Ment- mint

Ness- Ness from Smash bros or Lochness Monster

Ship- Ship

Sion/Tion- Chin

Verb Suffixes

Ate- 8ball

En- England flag

Ify- Jiffy Peanut Butter

Ize/ise- Eyes


Able/Ible- Cable

Al- Al Macinnis/Al Pacinno/Al Gore

Ary- Hairy

Ful- Fuel

Ic- “icky” picture your image puking”

Ical- Icicle

Ish- Fish

Ive- Hive/Five

Less- Minus sign

Y- ? mark


Ly- A bed (lay)

Ward- Arrow (Forward),

Wise- Wisemen


Great stuff. What are your links to the meaning though?

Hey there, my idea is that I expect I wont need this often. After some time in training i will get an idea of which words i struggle with and add it to their images directly

Type 44 phonemes in English and this will assign an object to a word sound. For example, “dom” would be ( dog, orange, monkey). ( duh, aw, mmm)

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Wow thanks for this!

Ya it’s my favorite! I’d love to hear any type of variation or ways to connect the items