Visualise your mind palace in DREAMS (PS4)


I mentioned this minutes ago as a reply to : but then I thought this might be really useful so I created a new topic for this. This way we can reach more people, right?

I think DREAMS on the PS4 is perfect for the creation of memory palaces. Without much skill anyone can quickly visualise anything they want and even walk around in it! People are making incredible scenes in there. It’s not only great for scenes and environments but also for sculpting and painting. Furthermore I’m aware that a lot of you like to use music or songs in their memory palaces. This can also be done in DREAMS.

Be sure to check this out! 1st link is link to the creator’s website. 2nd and 3rd link go to example videos on youtube to give you a better understanding about all the possibilities. If you go to the second link for example. Imagine how many loci you can store in just this simple scene alone.

I’m sure it can help a lot of you who are having trouble with visualising and/or recording their memory palaces. Please let me know if this helped you, i’m curious.

Perhaps some of you are already working with DREAMS? How is that going so far? Any experience you can share?

Kind regards!

I’ve never seen this before, but it looks great, and I will give it a try.

I have several virtual memory palaces from games already (rainbow six siege maps, Final Fantasy XI), and most work well because I was very engaged and learnt the maps by heart. I also like how relaxing DREAMS feels.

Thank you for sharing!

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