Viridescent lantern / Canada

(Viridescent lantern) #1

Hello everyone! I’m new to the group and I would just like to say hello.
I live in Japan and I work full time. So any chance to have an online match may to be prove difficult. But I’d be willing to try. For the last two months I’ve been going down the rabbit hole and reading as much as I can on various techniques and theories. Competition is appealing.
The first journey I did was all the Japanese prefectures and a famous dish from the area.
For welcomes I accept hugs and kisses (no tongue until our third date).

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

There are people here from many time zones, so it should be possible to find online matches.

(James P.) #3

Hello and welcome.
I’m relatively new here and recommend using the training feature in the Memory League Software. It is fun and challenging and of course you are always sharpening your skills. You may not always be able to play head to head versus another person but you can always try for your on personal record.

James P.