Vietnamese Words

Hello everyone ! Hello admin Of memoryleague. My name is Tho_Nguyễn Thơ. I am from Vietnam.
I am writing this post to here to give an advice and opinion.
Maybe, everyone know that About WORD DIscipline. A language is translated with many languages including Vietnamese. Because that is auto-translate, i will say about Vietnamese . That is the process translate is not correct. as I now, Vietnamese is a little the same as Japanese or Korean. A Vietnamese word is understandable, it has 2 or 3 (or4) syllables but on Memory leaguage, it only has 1 syllable. So the meaning of Vietnamese word on ML is abstract and before i memorize, i have to add some words to create a perfect word.
Therefore, i really really want a translation to be better with Vietnamese words. I dont know how to fix but i hope my opinion will be done.
I am looking forward to hearing a good news from everyone.


Could you give some concrete examples from your matches with the…

  1. English Word
  2. Vietnamese Translation (as given by Memory League)
  3. How you would have translated the English Word
  4. What the Vietnamese Translation (as given by Memory League) actually means (e.g. same word but different tense)

From the words that you have seen, is there an easy rule that the admins could apply to the words to correct them? To give some inspiration, there was a similar thread about Mongolian words some time ago, and one of the users posted a quite good reply there on how it could be possible to deal with it. I don’t think the admins are speaking Vietnamese themselves, so you would probably have to be quite specific with your feedback.

As a general reminder: you also have the chance to give direct feedback on certain words after you are done with your recall. There’s a link for that in the bottom right corner (see screenshot below).