Video Memory Palace?

So Nelson has just posted a video of the hotel, the rather expensive hotel, he is staying in in Italy

He made the video to give us a really memorable MP to use and he takes us on a tour of the locations.

So my question is: has anyone had experience using the ‘holiday videos’ of others as MPs? Watching the video I really couldn’t get much impression of the rooms and locations and can’t really see how i could ‘see’ it.

I just saw the video recently as well, at least pieces of it and it is a bit hard to see the whole thing but if you are looking for a recourse to make virtual palaces, matterport (website, look it up because apparently I can’t include a link) is probably the best place I know of at the moment as I don’t know many video game maps.
I have not tried to look at many videos to make memory palaces but I’ve had an amount of success using matterport so far.
let me know if you find any good “open world” vr maps or games

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It’s a good idea to do. You can record your sequence in your palace and you don’t need to go out again, if it’s long and outdoors, if you want to review your locations. You can even bump the playback speed if you want to go through it faster.

Google maps is also a nice option.

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Yes, off course videoing your own MPs is a good idea- I do it a lot. Johnny Briones even recommends having a few videos of potential MPs in the cloud to use as Insta MPs when needed and Lynne Kelly wrote here the other week about how she puts a thumbnail photo of every station on her journey in her notebook.But that wasn’t what I was asking in my garbled way. I wondered if anyone had experience using the ‘holiday’ videos of other people, ie if you were to take a video now of you walking around your own home and sent it to me .

GibtsDochGarNicht is correct! I record all my palaces I make on the computer. It is easier to review them and to go through them. Plus anyone can watch them and get a palace out of them because I make it clear the locations. The best thing I like about video is that you get a feel from one location to another location.