Video Game palaces

Hello! Syked to have found this, I read Moonwalking with Einstein about five years ago and think about it from time to time, no time like the present to start implementing some of these practices. I have often thought about many real life city-scapes and building layouts that would work well, but I have a lot of hours in video games, and I think these could also work. Ones that I could probably pull up without having to play again are Goldeneye 007, Resident Evil (most of them, can’t wait until Village comes out) Half-life, Halo, Portal.

The subjects I’m most trying to learn right now are Javascript, and keyboarding. I can touch type but I only get 20-30 words a minute right now. Any experience with… Oh wow, just saw the “Your topic is similar to”… to the right. I did CTRL F but this> is much better. Will definitely check those out. Anyway really just saying hi and looks like like I can RTFM a lot of what I’ve asked about here, but feel free to add something.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Games should work. There is a virtual memory palaces page.

Is the interest in typing related to JavaScript? You might like this, if you haven’t already seen it:

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Thanks Josh I will put some hours in there for sure.

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My WPM went from 20-30 to 8 :+1: :relaxed:

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