Various of names. Occasional Weekly-Challenge #2

Was thinking about making a new kind of challenge. So, got inspired (Thanks @ClarieBookWorm) so, on this coming weekend, in Februray, 2PM GMT.
We will combat eachother on multiple variance of language names. It will tho be those which is beeing able to be played on our keyboards.

This will be played as a 1 day event.
Since there is so many different Names to choose from, it will be played so atleast everyone will face each other once.
And, since there is so many different countries we might participate, this challenge will be adjusted to that, which means that approx. 15min before start, it will be announced.
This will be different, you may join at any time while the event is held.
Each match gives you points, you will be awarded with more points in a more “Difficult” language.
The winner is the one with most points, so there is all the more reason to participate early, to play more matches.

Both matchups and names will be randomized.

Hope to see you there!

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