Various memory techniques to study to be used to memorize for this academic year

I’ve only recently known about memory techniques. I am studying high school. I want to know about various memory techniques that I can use to absorb all the information regarding the subjects maths, physics and chemistry as quickly as possible. I’ve used memory palace as a sample example. It’s in the ebook provided by this forum, that “otter, beans, sea shell and tool box” one. Felt interesting and it’s been quite a few days I’ve did it, and the memory is as fresh and intriguing as new. These kinds of tricks made me feel the “interest” in memorizing things. More so because they seem to be very successful. I would like to be introduced to various memory techniques I need to use to absorb up all the required information from subjects physics, chemistry and maths. Like, a “word to word” memory especially. What I’m mainly looking for is to make my life easier and interesting. So that I can enjoy memorizing. I want to be able to memorize things related very fast and be able to use it when necessary. Would be really glad if someone helps. I might have 1-4 weeks to study and master the memory techniques you give me. Also I’m working and people there insist that I also memorize some job related knowledge. I have a PDF and images

of what I need to memorize, I’ll attach it here. Please do point me in the right direction.

BASIC KNOWLEDGE-converted.txt (15.7 KB)