VAC TEST - Is it outdated? Thoughts?

I’m a Pharmacy student from the “Universidad de Buenos Aires” (UBA), and I’m curious about studying techniques and self-knowledge. Apart from the Loci Method and others I’ve learned through this and last year, I’d been keen to look at various test looking to improve my studying techniques and reducing my stress without reducing my studying performance, which is optimizing for real my study sessions.
I’ve found “” (I didn’t know there was a Spanish website!) in which there’s the following test:
I noticed it’s from 2011, Idk how orientative this old test can be (our dear Luis stopped posting on 2015). But assuming it was right, I got this results:
30,3% VISUAL
TOTAL 162 points
I kinda noticed I am a Visual learner (still remember the Cocaine Permanganate’s crystals from my class of Toxicology - thanks to my teacher for explaining me the shape and form and color lol) and a “think before do” person to the point I forgot what I thought and screwed what I did so I’d assume I’m a Digital learner too.
So should I exploit my visual abilities, right? I thought that studying was simply “sitting in a chair and reading till you get it” but now I know that such feeling was too wide for what studying implies. I’m amazed by how many techniques and things-to-do-before-learning there are.
I would like to hear from you any thoughts, comments, pieces of advice you could give or would like to share.

Greatly Appreciated :slight_smile:

Be reading you!