Using Shorthand as a memory tool

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone is currently using Shorthand and how it’s improved your memory.

Also, Does anyone teach Shorthand anymore either online or in person?


Hi! I’ve been using alphabetical shorthand for a few years now and haven’t experienced any big improvements of my LTM. The method of learning stenography, however, requires memorization and repeat-practise, which indirectly improves memory.
Learn stenography if you are interested in speed-writing. There are better, more suitable ways of improving your memory.

Also note that stenography is highly language specific, so choose the system wisely (based on your language preference).

Thanks but who is teaching it nowadays?

I bought a book “shorthand: pitman 2000” ISBN 0-340-85948-2
It is structure to teach yourself. Know this it requires much practice.

I learned it from a picture with corresponding stenography-Latin letter translations. The Wikipedia article about the Gregg/Pitman-system should be enough.

My native language is English. Second language Portuguese.
To facilitate learning and make the language more clear, I developed a simplified phonemic spelling which uses 19 block letters and a flick. I did this because I was not happy with the esoteric shorthand.

My shorthand is phonemic which makes written English 100% consistent. It will work for many languages of the world. Also, I simplified English grammar to be expressive, not excessive. It won’t obstruct linguistic freedom or creativity.

About learning and memory… I reduced the labor of writing, which allows ideas to flow. This was an accidental benefit but an important one. Ultimately, the text is simple and easy to understand, even when months or years have passed. So it’s definitely an aid to literacy and learning.

specifically to aid memory? Well, I can take a painful English text and make it plain. I suppose the simple text is easier to remember. I am happy to share my process, though I don’t want to pollute this thread.