Using "Prowalk Tours" as memory palaces for acing tests

There is no need to make memory palaces that you can’t interact with. Remember that our visual memory connects and stores information regardless of whether we consciously decide to pay attention or not. If you have a chapter test in chemistry, acing the test can be done in some simple steps:

  1. Go through the whole chapter and underline key sentences.
  2. Find a video from “Prowalk tours” on YouTube with memorable locations for memory palaces.
  3. Start the video from scratch and translate your sentences into images on the locis you generate from watching the video.
  4. Remember to mark the timestamps, so you can revise later.

This method works especially well if you implement it 3-4 days before the test, as it won’t be viable to cram if you want to ace the test. In addition, you make the memory palace quicker, and getting enough locations will never be an issue.

Good luck!


For how long would you suggest somoen to study during this 3-4 days before the examen while using this technique?

(this seems intresting and I am considering trying it :slight_smile:

Hello there!

First of all, I am not a memory expert. But I am interested in learning ways of studying and memorization. I got a lot of feedback from members of this fantastic forum.

For the question you have, I would probably say this:
First, create the associations of something that you want to learn and the loci.
Then comes the most important part, without which there is no point in creating associations. That is repetition.
Here is what you may try to do:

  1. review the images going from first loci to last.
  2. review the images from the last loci to first
  3. review the images from the middle loci to first and middle loci to last. I hope I make sense.
  4. finally, review the images at random
    if you can do this, you will be all set for your examination.

But, probably you should take into account that memory palace or loci way of memorizing is an advanced technique. It is not a silver bullet. It needs practice. Also, going for an imaginary palace may not help as you don’t know it by heart which is the main idea behind the method of loci. Probably you should go for a place like your home or school and jot down the locis needed for the material you are trying to memorize.

Probably, we should think of memorization and learning from a neuronal standpoint. why do you remember things? This is because your brain has neurons and they rearrange when you try to memorize or learn something. whether you use any memory techniques or rote memorization, the only thing that matters is …FOCUS.

If you focus on something without distraction like your life depends on it, you will remember it.

That is what I found after years of lurking in memory books and forums.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I will take it to account :blush:

Completely agree. The method of loci is an advanced technique. This method only works when you are able to rapidly create images (this requires intense FOCUS) If the goal is to ace big exams then spaced repetition will be vital to success regardless of approach. Rote memorization will work in the short-term, but the method of loci will ensure a greater long-term retention rate.

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