Using PAO for the first time

So, It took me weeks creating my own PAO System. But my PAO system is somehow not based from any other number systems. (The reason for this is, I think it would not work well for me since English is not my first Language) I just kinda categorized them. For example, 00-09 are the avengers, 10-19 are my favorite western artists, and etc.
So, I have memorized them this day. And, I tried to test them out for the first time. So here how it goes. I started with 72 random digits. And set up a timer.

Correct: 72
Mistakes: 0

MEMORIZATION TIME: 5 mins and 52.47 secs
RECALL TIME: 2 mins and 53.16 secs

Yes 5 mins is still a bit long for just 72 digits but I think it ain’t bad for a first start. So, from now on I’m gonna try my best to improve it. Have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

I’m gonna apply PAO for memorizing mathematical constants. And, I’m using the Braille for Mathematical symbols and notations in memorizing formulas (I’ve got this idea somewhere here in the forum)


5mn is good for the first time !
For the major system, there are tweaks fitting other langages.
Maybe on non-english categories, or just google it.

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That’s cool already. I followed before those rules bout making PAO, but now i just put my favorite people per number.

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Really know your images for your PAO and your locations you store them in. Just doing these two things will really help you memorize a lot faster!