Using method of loci to improve programming knowledge (python)

I recently broke the 1 minute mark on memorizing cards and am looking for a new challenge to develop along side memory competition training. I decided to pick up programming. I have read two short books (python crash course & automate the boring stuff). I am wondering if there are any programmers here who recommend additional reading to develop data structures/algorithms/advanced python.

I scrolled the forum and saw posts related to programming but many seem outdated. Has anyone used method of loci to memorize python libraries, commands ect? Appreciate any advice and I will keep you guys posted if anyone wants to join on things I decided to memorize using method of loci and if it helped.


So I took a look at the python functions. There are about 69 so I used (1) 52 loci method place and took (1) cards loci which is (17) for me +(1). I memorized (abs) thru (import)… I don’t actually know how useful this is but I think the next goal would be to memorize maybe (1) 52 method of loci of the most important algorithms/data structures… and then return to coding and actual practice. If anyone is a programmer and recommends important algorithms/data structures please let me know.

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I haven’t read it but there is a free online resource here:

It has good reviews… thanks for the post. I’ll start reading and let you know.

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