Using memory palace for to-do lists

I’ve been using a memory palace to keep track of things I need to do. I basically get a room and put all the stuff I need to do in there.

The problem is ghosting - my to-do list changes a lot. How would you deal with tasks that are complete/changed/removed?

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I use a body memory palace to do list, and when I come to a task that’s been completed, I visualize it taken off the body part it’s on, and then do not include it in the next review (or recall that it’s been done). That seems to be enough for me. There’s minor ghosting but I remember which images are real and which are ghosts.


Do you associate each to-do list item with each other, or only the body part?

With what I was doing, I was associating each item with an object in the room, but also the next item in the list. This could be what is causing the excessive ghosting, as remembering one item will trigger the memory of the next.

Ah, maybe that’s the problem. Yeah, I only associate each to-do list item with the body part, not with each other. Then, when I review them (which I do each morning), I only review the active ones.