Using to ankificate the web

Hello !
I recently discovered, a tool to generate web crawlers to get datas from web pages. I did code crawlers before, but it’s faster and easier with this tool.
It can be used to generate anki decks as we can export the datas in csv or use a programming language like python to have a programmatic use of the queries built on
We can imagine queries aiming to grab web stuff that could be “ankificated” .
It’s easy to share this kind of things on and as we can use the queries in python, we can generate anki deck with it.

As I like coding tools to import stuff into anki (like evernote2anki and xmind2anki :slight_smile: ). With this new tool I coded a sort of wikipedia2anki. More precisely it works with wikimedia content. From anki, you are asked to enter a category (like ) and it generates a deck with 1 card by page (the question is the page title and the answer is the first paragraphe).
It’s a plug-in for anki. You can find more informations on the add-on page or on the related github repository.

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Great idea to use I’ve added links to your Anki plugin on the Anki wiki page.