Using a totally unrelated image?

Hey guys I need to ask you something.

If I give a random image to and equation (just one image) will It help me in recalling it later?

For eg: a pic of mushroom to equation. 2as=v^2-u^2
(The mushroom is totally unrelated to the equation)

I want to know if someone has tried it before where the image is totally unrelated to the thing you want to memorise and still were able to recall it just fine.

Does using an totally unrelated image works almost as fine or is a bad idea?


I haven’t tried it exactly like that, but it sounds like a good experiment to me.


Surely the mere fact you decided, for whatever reason, to equate the mushroom with that equation means you have made an ‘association’ or an ‘encoding’? I should think that as long as you nurture and water it the random association should grow and strengthen…
I seem to be going through several ‘layers’ of encoding for some images. A famous painting of Vincent van Gogh (self portrait?) became his picture of the ‘Sunflowers’ which then became a Single cartoon sunflower and I will no doubt take the stalk off that cartoon sunflower and just use an image of the head. What does a sunflower have to do with the Dutch Phlegm inducing ‘G’ ?


This works, at least it does for me, and it saves me often because I regularly run into imagination deficit!

But I don’t do this for any information that I need to remember out of context (a phone number, an address, a name, etc) .

And I do this only with things that I know I have to revisit often anyways, and that are to be placed in a palace and in a way that the surrounding images can also help me, giving me ample chance to actually make the necessary conscious and/or unconscious associations, even when not making any sense at all.

Sometimes my imagination comes back early enough and takes over yee!!?, but most of the time the random image just ends up representing that info.

For example, I’ve got a lady on a reclining chair, but upright, and to my great surprise, it very quickly worked, representing the 4 letters question: Are you on vacation?

Or King Kong on a Trump Hotel reminding me of the sentence: what hotel are you staying at?

a gold bar has become this card suits sequence :

:diamonds: :clubs: :clubs::diamonds:

I can already see how my mind could trick me into believing that that is a mushroom.

Actually another trick I use that’s very similar to this, when my imagination doesnt cooperate well enough :

I pick a random image, first that comes to mind, let’s say a mushroom, and I play with what I want to remember and with mushrooms.

Maybe it would end up being one image with all of the following at first, but end up being much simpler :

Two legless guys (2 2) one in front of the other each pushing a bin with their weird mushroom-stem-shaped head^, one of the bins is v shaped and the other a U-shaped bin (v^2-u^2), and they’re filled with mushrooms and the two legless men are going to throw it all down a tube (=) where there are two giant humanlike cards, Aces (2as) actually, waiting to feast on the mushrooms.


That’s quite surprising, I didn’t expected it to work.

Actually my original idea was to create flashcards for all equations an attach some kind of random image along with each equation.

I tried visualising the equations by creating images but getting a proper image that actually defines the equation is time consuming.

So I am going with the flashcards.

with just images and flashcards ? That would be harder for me. I’m sure it would work eventually, but there’s a big difference for me, thinking of success rate + difficulty level, between one image and a location in a Memory Palace.

Do you think you could do both? Add to a temporary Memory Palace the image and the equation? I do that sometimes, add an image first to My Memory Palace, and then what I need to remember. I can’t explain why exactly but I have more success when I do that sometimes then when I just tried to struggle with a linking alone technique like you are thinking of doing.

I really hope it works out for you!

A lot more associations are possible and easier for Me In A Memory Palace, even just a temporary one. I would definitely not do this without a Memory Palace, through which I can move quickly , revise quickly , revisit quickly and in which I can try out new associations when they come to mind in the simplest way possible.

I would personally start adding what I can of the equations directly in locations (a random image from my mind if I can’t come up with something in the moment), then as I’d revisit, I keep on adding what comes to mind till I can recall it completely. I know it would be tough for the few first ones, but once I’ve got the base images figured out, it would quickly become faster and easier.

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I agree. But IMHO, there’s no point in experimenting with the suggestion in the OP:

Nor is there any point in experimenting with any of the good examples in this thread.

For obvious reasons.