Using a golf course as a memory palace?

I know a lot of people suggest using your house as a memory palace, but that presents a couple problems for me:

  1. I have to first spend time associating arbitrary numbers (e.g. 12) with rooms and objects (e.g. my bed) in the house, which isn’t natural.
  2. A house doesn’t have a true chronological flow to it. For example, I could enter my front door and then either turn left to go to the kitchen or turn right to go to my bedroom. Also a house is very cramped, which isn’t a feeling I like when trying to remember things.

I played a golf course near my house probably over 100 times growing up, so I know all 18 holes inside and out, which saves me the burden of having to associate an arbitrary number with a hole (since the hole already naturally has a number). Plus, each hole has a natural chronological layout to it. You approach the teebox, then fairway, then putting green. Additionally, golf hole is much larger than a room in a house, so I feel a lot more open and comfortable visualizing the entire hole as opposed to e.g. my bed, desk, lamp, etc. The golf course also is outdoors so there’s more opportunities to open up all your senses when visualizing the hole.

If any of you are golfers, what do you think about this technique?

I completely agree and depending on the information you store there it can come in really handy. I’ve used this “natural” numbering before:

How many locations do you plan to have per hole? Just following your ideal path, so more locations on a par 5 as opposed to a par 3?

I use playing my home course to go to sleep. Never thought to use it as a Memory Palace!

Is it possible to do the same with geometric structures? I have so many geometric constructions stored in my brain I might actually be able to use them as a memory palace. Never thought of it before.