Useful memory 'hacks'?

So, I’ve just been contacted by someone wanting to make a memory-themed video to support an app, or something, and they say “We want to create a short snappy video that explores your memory hacks, tips & formulas - almost like a 'how-to’ remember video.”

It’s the sort of thing I’d normally say no to, because I don’t really know any useful ways to remember anything other than meaningless long numbers… but then I thought maybe I could summarise other people’s ideas, and generally get the idea of memory buzzing around social media. Does anyone have any suggestions for what this kind of video could talk about?


‘app’ tends to indicate smart phone usage and its demographic , so maybe an easy ‘hack’ (*shudders *) on how all those 12 year olds could have their Contacts in their heads so when their battery expires at lunchtime they can still sext after having nicked someone else’s phone?

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If the app is any good and actually memory-technique related I’d say:

  • Spaced repetition
  • number shapes (since it’s very simple for beginners; every other number system seems, from my experience, to be “too complicated” for people who aren’t willing to engage with the whole concept)
  • simple explanation of memory palaces or memory pegs

If the app itself doesn’t consider any of these concepts, I don’t see the point of making a video to promote it with these concepts. Hopefully it will be a worthwhile app (not one of those wrongheaded mainstream “brain-training”-apps that promise a lot, but keep very little to none; there’s enough of those out there, it seems).


In this video Joshua Foer (writer of Memory Palace) gives an amazing lecture, that has a ton of memory hacks in them. The hacks for names and faces are absolutely remarkable. By the way, at 08:38 there is a picture of you with 36 decks of playing cards on the table.


Oooooh a Josh Foer video I haven’t yet seen , goody gumdrops! Thanks Erik.