Useful books that could work as memory palaces


Some days ago I grew a deep love for reading. I found a book called “Valle de la calma” (Valley of calm in English, but I dont know whether it was translated or not). It all happened in an abandoned hospital located in my city. I learned the characters and the infrastructure. Each room had its own memorable story or scene!! I could connect the rooms in my mind as the story progressed, it was amazing.

So after reading that book in my freetime, I decided to start studying for my final exam (I was tired I needed some relax and reading helped me a lot). I was determined to create a memory palace for all the information I had to store, and to my surprise, I had the perfect building all the time with me, the book’s abandoned hospital.
Without losing time I started designing the building, it took me 1 hour more or less. 14 rooms including the coridors. I had to memorize 28 classes so I decided to use both bulldings (the hospital and the other building) and include what I didnt know inside of each room (I had a summary from my classes which I never studied, I was quite nervious with my little time). Creating a story or image as fast as I could, I would finish memorizing one class’ content in 20 minutes. Then reviewing then the next day. I could understand the info, I could connect different classes’ content and I even enjoyed the time studying! I could go back and forth, skip rooms and I had more freetime (which I started another book), being more confident of what I vould remember (it sounds cheesy, but it’s true). It really was an amazing experience and that’s why I wanted to share it to you (reading fictional books might be useful for storing information too).

If you need I can explain further,
but the actual reason I created this topic for is that I’d like to hear of more books in which the story involves a building, each room with it’s own story. I like police and psychological thriller, but any other genre would work as long as the building is memorable.

I’d be glad to hear your recommended books, especially fictional ones but not too fantastic in which the setting could work as a memory palace.
It’d be HUGE help if you could recommend me 4 books, each one for each subject I have to learn this semester!
(In the meantime, before starting my classes imma try using my own dreams as memory palace, since I’m going to create them while sleeping either way and I fear not having enough memory palaces).
Be seeing you!


Doesn’t really deal with “rooms” per se, but Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours is obviously an option if you follow along the journey.