Use the same memory palace again?

Hi People.

I have started training memory techniques and it is actually going pretty well! Feels like I’ve found a superpower.

If I want to remember some numbers that are not so important? such as a phone number I’ll call later then never gona call it again.
Do you recommend that i use different memory palace for the phone numbers each time? or do I use the same memory palace again the next day for the next phone number?

Thanks guys (sorry for the spelling, i´m Swedish)


For things that you don’t want to remember for long term, you can absolutely use a memory palace over and over again. I always have some memory palaces ready for everyday things like phone numbers or shopping lists and I can usually reuse them after a day or two, when the old images have faded away.


If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a page here: Is it possible to reuse memory palaces?

Hej! Har personligen ett fåtal (10-15) minnespalats som jag återanvänder gång på gång, perfekt för sånt man vill minnas kortare perioder och sedan glömma bort.

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Hey! Personally, I have a few (10-15) memory palaces that I reuse again and again, perfect for things you want to remember for shorter periods and then forget about

Hey It is okay too use your memo place again if you want just remuer the thing you want too memorize but if you want too remember it for a long time then I recommend you use a different memory palace

Hey It is okay too use your memo place again if you want just remember the thing you want too memorize for a short period of time