Use PAO without memorizing persons, actions and objects in 1 minute(Method)

I have thought of a method in which you look at the numbers in your keyboard(Physical or digital) and then you associate people ,actions and objects based on the shape of the keyboard.

Ex- 5(%)= Accountant,Calaculating,Calculator(Based on the %age symbol)…


  • You see a number
  • You look at the keyboard
  • You see the symbol near that number
  • You associate a person, action, object based on the meaning of that symbol or any other association.


With this 1 digit PAO I was able to memorize o digits in 1 minute at my first attempt.

With practice and time I believe that this will improve if I will keep using this method as I will be able to learn the associations associated with this method and also incorporate olfactory memory in it,


Have a Cheerful Day

Since many childern look at their keyboard for hours they should be able to memorize the symbols associated with those numbers in a few hours(With some being able to memorize it in a day) and they should be able to create Person, Actions and Objects based on the meanings of those symbols on the spot with practice.

Which can encourage more people to make a Personalised PAO and also learn it,