Use of a Millenium PAO to more things than just numbers

Hello everyone, I was absent here for a long time, but now I decided to come back. The visual image of the forum is really nice now.

I’ve been learning a lot recently and started studying Hungarian. Actually 3 months lasted and I began to speak and learned approximately 1000 Hungarian words from scratch. Some day I’ll public here my ideas of learning languages and I hope someone will find it useful. However, I didn’t work on my mnemonics a lot.

Here I want to ask a question I was looking and answer for, for a long time and I still am. - Here’s I think most popular and most valuable video about the Millenium PAO at Youtube.
The guy here tells that in his opinion Method of Loci is good, but somehow limited, because you have to still and still sacrifice your time for creating loci. He also says that having Millenium PAO gives unlimited possibilities to learn actually anything.
I know that PAO is good for numbers, dates etc. But how to use it otherwise? Do you have any ideas what does he mean by unlimited possibilities thanks to Millenium PAO?

I sure that it isn’t better than classic PAO. Just more interesting. The practice has shown that difficult systems, such as Shadow System, were successfully used by elite sportsmen, but was beaten by mongolian athlete, who’s use classic 1 card PAO.

As for unlimited possibilities, it is an advertising move. The number memorization system allows you to memorize numbers quickly and efficiently. But nothing more.

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