Use Library Shelves as loci for Memory Palace ?

It possible to use individual Library shelves as a locus so that large no of vocabularies can be put into one room/palace. I usually use my rooms for 50-60 vocabularies loci. But now I am out of Palaces and I tried to use virtual memory palace like games but it isn’t effective for me. Is it possible to combine virtual and real memory palace together? Or are there any option except virtual memory palace like a game where I can memories large chunk of vocabularies(500+).

Is there anyone who is memorizing 500+ vocabularies? Which memory palace are you guys using for large no of vocabularies?

Have you seen this page yet?

You can also type “vocabulary” into the search box.

From a practical standpoint, I don’t think library shelves are ideal…simply because they all look alike. I don’t know how you would distinguish between them.

But I’m stunned that you think you’ve run out of palaces. If I were storing vocabulary, I would use a large space for every letter of the alphabet, so all L words are in the same building. all W words, etc.

O’Brien recommends using an entire town for each language, with specific parts of town set aside for male/female/neutral words so you can keep the gender clear. Rather than storing vocabulary in anything as generic as library shelves, he recommends linking words specifically to appropriate locations (food words in restaurants, gardens, fields, etc.).

None of that may be any help at this point, though.

You might want to read some of the posts here from Dr. Lynne Kelly, who is using loci in her village to memorize massive amounts of data. You might be amazed how much information can be tied to a very small amount of space.

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