USA memory championships speed cards

i plan on competing in the USA memory championships fairly soon, but before i do, does the US use speed stack timers?

They are optional, and Nelson was the only person who used them so far. Mine is coming in the mail right now from ebay. It cost $12 shipped. The main benefit (I think) is that it creates a ritual, just like basketball players do with free throws. It can be awkward starting on a verbal command and having someone standing in front of you with a timer.

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615 Shuttle
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617 Shotgun

If you do not have one, how are you timed? Do you need to provide your own timing device or does the competition provide them?

Wow I need to really work on my reading skills… Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, your card times will improve after you learn to read, so you have some incentive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the timer in the mail. Looks totally pro, people will say “that guy’s Bad-Ace” before we even begin. I’ll let you in on a little secret: The USAMC is run and mediated by a small group of retarded children wearing old-people masks. Last year they incorrectly scored the digit times, rescinding my 3rd place title on that event, and rearranging others which had been announced on the microphone. Fair is fair! But learn to count. In the Tea party, Tony kept butting in, saying “No, no. I think your favorite car is such-and such, no, no, I think your hobbies are this, that, and the other,” because Tony had different scripts than they did! Why write more than six? And furthermore, if Tony didn’t have the right scripts, he should have just let the actors speak and taken their scripts after they were done reading rather than confusing the competitors. Think on your feet, man! Then, during the final event that decides the champion, he couldn’t pick up the cards and show them after they were called out as fast as the athletes wanted to move. Kept saying “hold on, hold on,” like they were sticking together or something. The MA’s were sitting in front of a projector screen – welcome to 2014! Then, he picked up and showed the FINAL CARD, in Ram’s line of sight, before Ram even recalled it! If he had forgotten that card, he still would have won because of that sloppiness! By the way, that last mistake is visible on the “Memory Games” tv show. If you look at Ram’s “throat-slit” gesture, you can tell that it isn’t poor editing that gives the appearance of that mistake.

Long story short…if you care about getting an accurate time, don’t trust 'em.