US citizenship exam

Husband has us citizenship exam coming up in few weeks , need to help him prepare the 100 questions

Any ideas, anyone has used any memory methods before or prior topics

Thanks in advance

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When is the exam?
What are the questions?
Does he have trusted sources of learning material?
Is he familiar with the method of loci or simply converting information into images?

I’d expect the things he need to know be in the realm of civics and maybe certain facts about the US, then simply, the use of the method of loci would be enough. However, I don’t know how much about memorization of concepts and facts your husband know.

Again, all that I think he needs is to use the method of loci. Creating a hook for a possible question and its correct answer. If the questions are only like this:

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Are you using a specific study guide? I just took the practice test and it looks like the questions are pretty broad.

For 100 specific Q&As, I think Memory palace would be the perfect strategy.


If he’s not already used to working with memory palaces (and maybe doesn’t even have one so he’d have to think and remember 100 loci first), I think it’s better to avoid it in the interest of time: at the interview he won’t need to know the questions, but only what to answer when he hears a question.

So he will need to do this: hear the question → the image for the question will pop in his mind → the image for the question will remind him of the image for the answer → translate the image for the answer in the real answer that he knows.

So, for example, for the question: “What is the economic system in the United States?”.
This is the only question that has the word “economic” in it, so you can use this word to uniquely identify this question.
When you hear “economic” you imagine a stack of dollars.
When you take a better look at that stack of dollars you see that printed on those dollars is your local supermarket (or, find a better connection between the two images. whatever makes it impossible to forget for you).
The supermarket will remind you that the answer is “A market economy”
You can do this for all the answers.

Remember that the image for each question should be unique, or you risk mindlessly answering to a question they didn’t ask. Example: there are quite a few questions that mention the Constitution, so you can’t just simply imagine the Constitution for all of them. You have to differentiate, for example: q2 is the Constitution doing something, q3 is an image for self-government, q5 an image for the first ten amendments, etc.
The image for the answer can be the same only when the answer is exactly the same (for example: “the President” is the answer to a few different questions. But it should have a different image than the answer “advises the President”)

For reviewing them, you can use real flashcards or apps. I remember all the questions were already loaded somewhere by someone on Memrise and on Anki. Remember that some questions are specific to your time and state (so the corresponding answers on there will differ from your answers).

Note: all this is NOT so that one can skip deeper reading and understanding of civics material. It is just because it’s very easy to panic in a situation like the interview, and having this system ensures one will feel safe with their knowledge and be able to recall what they already know.