Upcoming UK Memory Championships in 2016

(Josh Cohen) #1

If people haven’t seen it, Ben Pridmore has announced some more memory competitions:
British Memory Competitions 2016!

I’ll update the memory competition calendar too.

(Ben Pridmore) #2

Hi, everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with the memory world in general, and this forum in particular, for as long as I’d like. Like Josh says above, we’ve got four competitions coming up, and I’d like to ask your opinion about two of them - the IAM has just announced its temporary competition format (while they carry on discussing a more permanent thing), and I’d like as many people as possible to chip in with an opinion, please: Should the Friendly Memory Championship (November 13) and Open Memory Championship (December 3-4) follow the IAM or WMSC format?

There’s only one difference - Abstract Images. It’s a silly discipline that I’ve never liked, because it didn’t turn out to be what the original intention was (a test of visual memory that doesn’t involve the use of pre-determined systems) and in practice was just a case of memorising the 158 different background textures. The IAM are replacing it, for the moment, with 15-minute binary (for the national-standard Friendly) and 5-minute binary (for the international-standard Open).

So please could you give me a reply, as quick as possible, letting me know whether you think the upcoming competitions should be IAM format (extra binary digits) or WMSC format (Abstract Images) - I’ll go with the majority. Thanks!


(Ben Pridmore) #3

Re-reading that post… “sorry I haven’t been here for as long as I’d like” sort of sounds like I would like to be away from here for even longer, doesn’t it? Well, you know what I mean. Glad to be back!


Hi Ben. I am not an expert in memory formats whatsoever, but it seems to me that the IAM format (with the Binary Digits included) is a more appropriate measure to objectively benchmark one’s memory skills. (and also more easy to set up and generate)

That’s also why is it easier to included it it in a software like MEMORIAD. Because random Binary sequences can be generated ad infinitum, whereas the library of new abstract images is usually limited and finite (the same happens in names/faces). So after some trials there will be duplicate images. That’s why I find Binary a bit more objective to measure one’s memory capacity.

In Vegas in 3 weeks, I compete in another new image/shape memory category which is called “Number/Shape Recognition”, and I tried to practice it a bit, in the new version of the Memoriad software which includes that as well. There are about 300 random colors/shapes/images and the goal is to connect each one to a special three digit number, and recall them in the multiple choice afterwards.

Now, to stay on topic, hopefully more people wll decide about your BREXMT competition format. It should be a democracy on this issue, because I understand that some folks may fancy Abstract Images much more than Binary digits.

By the way, immediately, when I saw the name BREXMT and I thought about the connection and lexical similarity with BREXIT ! Besides the humoristic side of it, I hope BREXMT will become as successful as XMT is, because there is no such a great Knock-Out Tournament format yet in Europe.

I think a Knock-Out showdown tournament is much more interesting to watch than an “Open tournament” which just sums up the total points of competitors. (like in MSO’s Decamentathlon or the Athletics’ Decathlon). I wish we also had some kind of “Knock-Out” Tournament in Mental Calculation as well. But for the moment, this does not exist yet. The Japanese who won the Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC) 2016, (Mr. Kimura) told me in Bielefeld that he is friend with Naofumi Ogasawara, and they went to the same Soroban school but I would really like to watch them compete with each other in a Final of a Knock-Out tournament. In Memoriad 2016 we will see the last 2 winners of the MCWC (Yuki Kimura and Granth Thakkar) compete with each other, but there will be no overall winner this time, because as you know, the Memoriad categories don’t add up or relate to each other, from a “total points” perspective. Some will be better in something, and some other in something else. I guess the competitor and the country with the most medals, will claim the (theoretical) victory, as it happens with the Summer Olympics overal medal table, where USA usually tops the medal standings.

Anyway, Good luck in Vegas Memoriad 2016, let’s hope we shall do as well as we did in Antalya '12 !!